CJ’s Jokes

When my dad puts Vicks on my nose, and then the boogers will say, “hey what’s happening to us.”

When I blow my nose the boogers will say, “Yeah, weee were sliding. I want to do that again.”

When my dad puts the boogers in the garbage with the tissue, then the boogars will say, “Were going in the garbage car.”

How do you swing on the monkey bars with no slide? Uhh… pretend you have a slide? HA HA!


Thomas the Train Races Culdee

Once upon a time there was 3 trains and they decided to have a race. Thomas cided to race Culdee and then Thomas saw Duck so he decided to let the race start. But, Thomas was on the wrong track. He said, “On your marks, get set, GO!” Thomas crashed into the house. OH NO!

Then he saw some people were not scared of him. And then Duck and Culdee pulled Thomas on the track. Culdee and Duck helped him but then someone changed the points for Thomas. Thomas and Duck had to stop for switch to the other points. So don’t couldn’t crash to the fence.

The End

by Christian Jay Waterman