iPhone 3G tethering on your iPad

Will this be possible?

Here are the price points:

Will there be a reason to get the WiFi + 3G if tethering is possible?


Bicio GoRide iPhone Bike Mount

The GoRide iPhone Bike Mount is designed to be mounted on your bikes handlebars, and it is designed to give you access to your iPhone whilst you are riding your bike without sacrificing safety and convenience.

Bicio GoRide iPhone Bike Mount

Bicio GoRide iPhone Bike Mount

It comes with a protective case which you can keep on your iPhone all the time if you want, the case then slots straight into the bike mount and you are ready to go out on your bike without to much effort.

If you want one, the Bicio GoRide iPhone Bike Mount is available now for $29.99 from Bicio.

iPhone Tutorials

eHow – How to Repair the Glass on an iPhone

eHow Contributing Writer

If your iPhone 3G screen is cracked, check first with Apple to see if your warranty covers the repair or a replacement. This repair can be difficult and should be attempted only if the image behind the glass screen is visible.

With those precautions, repairing it yourself should cost about $45. This method by Lee Waterman received several positive reviews.

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging


Things You’ll Need:

    Taking the iPhone apart

  1. Step 1

    Turn off the iPhone. Remove the SIM card by inserting a paper clip into the small hole at the top. Remove the two screws at the bottom. Push the suction cup onto the glass. Pull up to separate the glass.

  2. Step 2

    Three cables will hold the two pieces together. Remove the first two using a paper clip. The third is beneath a tab under the first two cables. The last cable should be pulled out gently.

  3. Step 3

    On the screen, remove six screws: two on one side, one on the bottom of the surface behind the glass, one visible on the other side and two under tape on that side.

  4. Step 4

    To remove the LCD, use a paper clip on the sides to hook the bottom corner that has a circle, and pull out.

    Removing the broken glass

  5. Step 1

    Using tweezers, remove the black tape behind the glass on each of the four edges.

  6. Step 2

    Use a hair dryer around the edges of the glass for about 5 minutes to heat the glue.

  7. Step 3

    Pry the glass from the plastic holder. Be sure to remove all the broken glass.

    Installing the glass

  8. Step 1

    Put the adhesive strips at the top and bottom of the plastic holder.

  9. Step 2

    On the new glass screen, remove all the film from the black bottom and top, leaving the protective film on the glass so no fingerprints will get inside. There will probably be two pieces of film on the black parts.

  10. Step 3

    Line up the glass with the holder, making sure the cable goes under the holder. When the two pieces match up, press down to stick the glass to the adhesive strips.

  11. Step 4

    Remove the film from the glass.


  12. Step 1

    Put the LCD back in the holder with all the holes for the screws aligned. Press it in place. Replace all the screws.

  13. Step 2

    Press all the cables into place in the reverse order of their removal.

  14. Step 3

    Align the two pieces — the screen and the unit — and press them together with the holes lined up.

  15. Step 4

    Replace the screws and your SIM card.

Tips & Warnings



Difference between the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS Glass Digitizer Touch Screen and LCD

If you’ve broken your iPhone 3G or 3GS and contemplating on one the following scenarios think again:

“Why can’t I replace my broken iPhone 3G Digitizer and/or iPhone 3G LCD with a newer iPhone 3GS Digitizer and/or iPhone 3GS LCD, it has to be better, right?”


“Why can’t I replace my broken iPhone 3GS Digitizer and/or iPhone 3G LCD with an older and cheaper iPhone 3G Digitizer and/or iPhone 3GS LCD?”

The answer to all these is simple. Apple slightly changed the connectors on the mainboard of the iPhone 3GS.

difference between iphone 3g and iphone 3gs digitizer and LCD connections


iPhone Apps: Tips and Tricks to Building the next killer app

What are the elements to building a successful app on the iPhone? The talk will describe multiple paths to both building and marketing an iPhone app and describe pros and cons of each approach. We will use our own app as a case study of both what to do, and what not to do, with the hope that our experience with the iPhone will save time and energy of others who are considering building their own application, whether it be for the consumer market, enterprise, or internal use.

iPhone Apps: Tips and Tricks to Building the next killer app from Lee Waterman on Vimeo.


How not to replace your iPhone glass

This is actually a pretty funny video. You think he’s going to teach you how to replace the glass but wait til the end. Mind you he’s not repairing an iPhone 3G.


Beginning iPhone Development

Beginning iPhone Development is a pretty good book for those wanting to get into iPhone development. The book does a good job of explaining all the details of all you’ll be learning and exploring in the book. The first few chapters take you through the basics, and each chapter builds up to the next. I definitely recommend it for those new to the iPhone SDK.

iPhone Tutorials

DIY iPhone 3G Glass Repair

If you have dropped your iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS and have broken the glass or severely scratched the screen then this Video is for you. This is a complete tutorial on to replace the glass and digitizer on your iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS. Replacement parts can be purchased here @




How To Fix Replace Repair iPhone 3G / 3GS Broken Glass DIY from Lee Waterman on Vimeo.


Learn How to replace the glass & digitizer on your iPhone 3G. For more Cell Phone, PDA, iPhone How-To Videos & Articles, visit WonderHowTo.

Watch my how-to video, How to replace the glass & digitizer on your iPhone 3G on WonderHowTo.