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  • Writing your own Prestashop Module – Part 5

    The finishing touches Introduction In this final part of our basic module writing tutorial series we’ll look at the final steps to transform our Tutorialthird module class into a base template that we can use to kick start the writing of new modules. Rather than republish the same old code again we’ll only discuss the […]

  • Writing your own Prestashop Module – Part 4

    Form Validation and Security Introduction While being sufficiently functional for what it does, the module we created in Part 2 does present us with some issues to consider when implementing “real world” modules to extend Prestashop. In particular the user input we captured with our form was written directly to the configuration entry without any […]

  • Writing your own Prestashop Module – Part 3

    Storing Module Configuration Introduction In the third part of this series we’ll look at how we can store configuration data for our modules in the Prestashop database, and how we can allow users to interact with this data to control the module’s behaviour. We will also briefly touch on how we can generate output from […]

  • Writing your own Prestashop Module – Part 2

    Creating a basic module Introduction In this second part of the series we will look at creating our first basic Prestashop module that can be controlled from the Back Office. The Module class Similar to the ObjectModel base class, all Prestashop modules are extended from a common base class used to define their basic functionality. […]

  • Writing your own PrestaShop Module – Part 1

    So you want to write a module? Introduction There has always been a little bit of Voodoo associated Prestashop modules. This has been mainly down to a lack of documentation available, but never fear — this series of tutorials aim to introduce module writing to the PHP programming masses. This series will look at building […]

  • DIY iPhone 3G Glass Repair

    If you have dropped your iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS and have broken the glass or severely scratched the screen then this Video is for you. This is a complete tutorial on to replace the glass and digitizer on your iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS. Replacement parts can be purchased here @ YouTube httpvhd:// […]