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I’m all about getting the fastest Internet available if it’s at a reasonable price. With so many devices these days connected to the Internet, it’s hard not to live without it and the connection speed is definitely important. Who’s got time to wait around on a slow connection?

I’ve had Comcast Xfinity Internet with Blast! Speed for about 1½ years now and been pretty happy with the speed. I got the 1 year special which was at the time was $49.99 for 1 year and that was for Internet only. They currently have a deal for Internet Plus w/upgrade to Blast! and TV for $54.99.

Comcast Internet Plus w/upgrade to Blast!

After the 1 year contract, the internet price goes up to $78.95 a month. Which is about a $24 increase. For me it’s a $29 increase since I was paying $49.99.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 11.37.58 AM

Enter Consolidated Communications formerly SureWest. They have been heavily promoting their “Crazy fast Internet 100Mbps” CCI fiber+ deal for about a month now and I’ve received probably 4 flyers from them. The 100Mbps deal is $49.95/mo for 2 years and you get 2 months FREE. I have decided to give them a try since it will be saving me around $30 a month for 2 years for a total of around $720!


I’ll be trying CCI’s service for 30 days at the same I will still have Comcast. At the end of 30 days I will decide wether or not to stay with Comcast or jump ship to CCI.

First thing first is to test the Upload/Download Speed. I first ran the test with my current provider Comcast and then immediately after unplugged their line and plugged in the CCI ethernet line into my router and ran the test again. Here are the SpeedTest results taken from CCI and Comcast within 2 minutes of each other.

Comcast Speedtest Results

Comcast Download 92.29mbps / Comcast Upload 12.08mbps / Comcast Ping 38ms

CCI Speedtest Results

CCI Download 93.80mbps / CCI Upload 94.83mbps / CCI Ping 7ms

CCI’s download speed came in slightly higher than Comcast, and on the upload side, blew Comcast out of the water. CCI’s ping was much lower than Comcast, which is a good thing. The lower the ping the better.

Comcast or Consolidated Communications?

Speed for the price, I would have to say CCI is winning. On the $49.95 deal CCI comes out to $.50 per Mb vs my current rate $78.95 on Comcast is $.79 per Mb. CCI also has no usage cap unlike Comcast, and the price is locked in for 2 years. As internet speeds increase, the rates will mostly likely change again. I’ll probably be revisiting this article in 2 years but as of today CCI is looking like my new ISP. Stay tuned.


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  1. Gale Petrowski Avatar
    Gale Petrowski

    Are you still happy with CCI? I am thinking of switching…

  2. Very much so. Haven’t had any issues since switching.

  3. If you add the charges for no-phone internet only, the total will be another $15~$20 more.

  4. My experience living in (Natomas) Sacramento California, I have tried AT&T for 3 years and dissatisfied, I also have tried Comcast for 4 years and dissatisfied on both their internet & TV and worse on their customer service (but not as horrible as Direct TV). On June 2008, Surewest was my service provider until Consolidated Communication took over the deal. CC still maintaining the same customer satisfactory service and providing better connections versus AT&T and Comcast. I use my internet for my security cameras, working and a gamer at home. Even with Smud power outages and sometimes often, but their service remained good. So far so good!

  5. CCI is Fantastic! I had them since they were Surewest and they were the best ISP I have ever had. I am bummed that I had to switch when I moved due to availability. Be sure to ask about 1 gig. I now have Wave 1 Gig, no comments yet.

  6. I have CCI with a 100Mb fiber connection, but I am testing Comcast 1Gb service (1Gb down/40Mb up). I am tempted by the fast download speeds I have with the connection so far (avg 800-1.2Gb). The cost is about the same for each service right now. My hold back is that CCI has had pretty solid service, where as Comcast has not had the best reputation for residential reliability of their internet service int he area. I am a bit divided. Keep CCI or switch to Comcast for the 1GB? I have 15 more days to test before my trial of the Comcast circuit is done.

  7. Hello! I am new to CA and right now we have Xfinity. We only have internet and phone and it seems very comparable to Spectrum’s service like we had in ohio. We have had it go out a few times since I got here in July (hubby was here for awhile before me and kids joined him) so I’m reporting on my experience since being here. The big difference with what we were use to with spectrum and what we have with xfinity is that with spectrum we had no data caps. I got rid of cable in February and don’t miss it a bit. We use streaming for live tv and of course I have kids who use internet for gaming, homework, and netflix. Well I didn’t realize until I got a message warning of being close to our data cap last month. Yesterday we were at 100% of our data cap and thankfully xfinity gives 2 graces on overages of data where you aren’t charged so that is saving us this time but honestly I am looking for a good internet and phone service with no data caps……. don’t want to deal with data caps…. and as I was researching I found CCI services my area and their page says no data caps. I see they are fiber internet. I’ve only ever had either DSL or cable internet so wasn’t sure how fiber internet works, if it is better than cable, ect. I see your comparison on speeds shows CCI is faster. What else can you tell me about CCI fiber internet. Is it better and more reliable than cable internet? Is it really no data caps?
    Thank You for any info you can give me.

  8. CCI is the only way to go. I have had all the others in the past and have had issues from reliability, slow speeds and poor customer service. I have had them for the past 3 years again and will probably never switch to another provider. I only pay $30 a month for 18 up and 18 down. It has only went down once and that was due too AT&T splicing one of the main fiber cables while installing something for their landline service. So as far as reliability on CCI’s side is a solid 100%. Hope this helps any folks out there that are wondering about CCI’s service.

  9. We have had very slow internet at our home. It’s hard with kids all doing online. We called CCI and they said we can’t do anything about the internet. We need better service for the kids we also have TVs that need the internet to work. Any suggestions ??

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