Prestashop Manually Converting Carts to Orders

Prestashop Cart2Order Module

I recently had the need to convert customer carts into actual orders and since there wasn’t an easy way to do that with the base install code and a module didn’t exist, I wrote my own.

Basically what this simple module does is convert a customer cart into an order. Here’s how it works by example:

If you have, say for instance Google Checkout and Paypal payment modules installed, then you will have the option to convert a customer’s cart using one of those installed payment modules.

Just click on the payment module icon and it will confirm if you want to convert the cart into an actual order. After you confirm, it will convert the cart and the new order will appear on the orders tab with the status “Payment Accepted”. It does everything as if a real order was placed.

Prestashop Cart2Order Module on 1.4.3

Compatible with Prestashop versions 1.3.x – 1.4.x

You can download the Cart2Order module using the link below:
Cart2Order Prestashop Module

Forum discussion link below:


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