Random thoughts.

  • Facebook Conversion Tracking Prestashop Module

    The Facebook Conversion Tracking Prestashop Module. Need to track your ROI from Facebook Ads? With this easy to use Prestashop module you can. This module automatically adds the tracking conversion code when a customer makes a purchase so you can measure if your Ads are working. You can download the Facebook Conversion Tracking Prestashop Module […]

  • iPhone 3G tethering on your iPad

    Will this be possible? Here are the price points: Will there be a reason to get the WiFi + 3G if tethering is possible?

  • Bicio GoRide iPhone Bike Mount

    The GoRide iPhone Bike Mount is designed to be mounted on your bikes handlebars, and it is designed to give you access to your iPhone whilst you are riding your bike without sacrificing safety and convenience. Bicio GoRide iPhone Bike Mount It comes with a protective case which you can keep on your iPhone all […]

  • eHow – How to Repair the Glass on an iPhone

    By Alyssa LaRenzie eHow Contributing Writer If your iPhone 3G screen is cracked, check first with Apple to see if your warranty covers the repair or a replacement. This repair can be difficult and should be attempted only if the image behind the glass screen is visible. With those precautions, repairing it yourself should cost […]

  • Prestashop Manually Converting Carts to Orders

    Prestashop Cart2Order Module I recently had the need to convert customer carts into actual orders and since there wasn’t an easy way to do that with the base install code and a module didn’t exist, I wrote my own. Basically what this simple module does is convert a customer cart into an order. Here’s how […]

  • Preventing the copying of your site design templates

    I was browsing the prestashop forum and ended up on a thread concerning an issue with people stealing a site design by downloading the template files from the theme directory. It struck me that this is probably something that those of you who use other template systems with your sites may also face, so thought […]

  • Customising Prestashop Module Templates

    Please don’t edit those originals! I came across this little gem a while ago on the Prestashop forum, and thought I would draw attention to it in the hopes that it will help someone, somewhere. I’m not one to complain, but my pet hate is folks who edit the original source files on their stores, […]

  • Writing your own Prestashop Module – Part 5

    The finishing touches Introduction In this final part of our basic module writing tutorial series we’ll look at the final steps to transform our Tutorialthird module class into a base template that we can use to kick start the writing of new modules. Rather than republish the same old code again we’ll only discuss the […]

  • Writing your own Prestashop Module – Part 4

    Form Validation and Security Introduction While being sufficiently functional for what it does, the module we created in Part 2 does present us with some issues to consider when implementing “real world” modules to extend Prestashop. In particular the user input we captured with our form was written directly to the configuration entry without any […]

  • Writing your own Prestashop Module – Part 3

    Storing Module Configuration Introduction In the third part of this series we’ll look at how we can store configuration data for our modules in the Prestashop database, and how we can allow users to interact with this data to control the module’s behaviour. We will also briefly touch on how we can generate output from […]